Our Board of Trustees

AIDS Services of Dallas provides housing and support services for low income and homeless individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS.
Mr. Samuel W. Etheridge


Ms. Debora (Debbie) E. Ochoa

Vice -Chair

Mr. Carlton L. Holloway


Ms. Bridget Bonning


Mr. Dennis Kershner

Past Chair

Mr. Jacque M. Borel

Mr. Robert (Bob) W. Helm

Mr. Bruce W. Jaster

Mr. Matthew J. Jones

Mr. Nathan A. Justice

Mr. Donald "Buddy" W. Mercer

Ms. Karen Muncy

Ms. Ellen A. Sweets

Mr. Wayne E. Thomas

Mr. Jonathan R. Thorne

Hon. Ernie B. White, III

AIDS Services of Dallas provides its housing services without regard for race, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation or age to all applicants who are infected with HIV/AIDS and their family members.

AIDS Services of Dallas